Air Cooler for Big Room | 5 Key Factors To Be Consider

Air Cooler for Big Room

Air Cooler for Big Room: As the summer season approaches, many of us look for ways to beat the heat and stay cool. This can be done through air cooler which is not only affordable but also eco-friendly However, with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right air cooler. Through this article we will discuss in depth the various factor to be considered while buying a perfect air cooler and also suggest best air cooler that will confirms the mentioned below Specification in price bracket under 10,000.

Factors to consider when buying an air cooler | Air Cooler for Big Room

Size of the Room The size of your room is an essential factor to consider when buying an air cooler. Big room requires Air cooler with high air flow and large water tank capacity.

Suggestion: If Size of room is up to 270 Sq. Feet then one should go for Personnel Type Air cooler whereas if size is up to 450 Sq. Ft one should go for Desert type air cooler.

Type of Air Cooler There are two types of air coolers available in the market: desert coolers and personal coolers. Desert coolers are suitable for large rooms or outdoor spaces, while personal coolers are best for small rooms or individual use.

Suggestion: Personnel air cooler generally small air flow vents and therefore air flow is less as compared to desert air cooler. However Personnel air cooler occupy less space and fits in any corner of the house.

HoneyComb Cooling Pad

A variety of cooling pads are used in different types of air coolers to enhance the cooling efficiency and provide a comfortable environment. These cooling pads play a crucial role in cooling the air and maintaining a pleasant temperature in a room or space. Here are some differences between the various types of cooling pads commonly used:

  1. Honeycomb Pads: Honeycomb cooling pads are made of cellulose material with a unique honeycomb design. They are highly efficient in absorbing and retaining water, allowing for effective evaporation and cooling. Honeycomb pads offer a large surface area, ensuring maximum contact between air and water, resulting in efficient cooling performance.

  2. Wool Pads: Wool cooling pads are made from natural wool fibers. They are known for their excellent water absorption properties and durability. Wool pads can hold a significant amount of water, ensuring a longer cooling effect. They provide effective cooling by promoting evaporation and maintaining a cool atmosphere.

Suggestion: One should definitely go for honey comb cools room quickly and is of long lasting nature. All Variants of Hypher air cooler are equipped with high Quality Honey Comb pad which not only long lasting in nature but also Block odder smell.

Air Cooler for Big Room

Water Tank Capacity The water tank capacity is an important factor to consider while buying an air cooler. Cooler with large water tank capacity will cool longer however, a larger water tank will also make the air cooler heavier and bulkier.

Suggestion: In Such respect it is suggested to have a Air cooler with Water Tank Capacity in between 80L-110 L depends upon the room size.

Why Hypher Rapid Suitable Air cooler For Big Rooms

Keeping the same in minds our team of Experts have developed Hypher Rapid air cooler which is configured with 110 L Water capacity along with Honey Comb Pads .

Airflow and Cooling Capacity The airflow and cooling capacity of an air cooler are measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) and BTU (British Thermal Units), respectively. The higher the CFM and BTU, the more powerful the air cooler will be. It's important to choose an air cooler with sufficient airflow and cooling capacity to ensure effective cooling.

Power Consumption Power consumption is an important factor to consider while buying an air cooler. A higher wattage air cooler will consume more electricity, leading to higher electricity bills. Look for an air cooler with a lower wattage rating to save on energy costs.

Noise Level The noise level of an air cooler is an important consideration if you plan to use it in your bedroom or office. Look for an air cooler with a low noise level, so it doesn't disturb your sleep or work.

Water Inlet Type

Chiller Try

In conclusion | Air cooler for big rooms

an air cooler can be an excellent investment to keep your home or office cool during the summer season. However, it's important to consider the above factors before making a purchase. By choosing the right air cooler, you can enjoy cool and comfortable surroundings while saving on energy costs.

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